The Players

Peter Kienle - guitar     Jack Helsley - bass     Danny Deckard - drums

Even though we always seem to miss deadlines to submit our stuff to the papers. Even though we don’t have a cool photo yet. And even though we play what would seem to be pretty ‘unpopular’ music - David Miller called us “The best jazz band in Bloomington...” after one of our Cellar Lounge performances. Of course don’t ask how late that was (and among us, how many beers he had).

Freesome first surfaced on the Jazz from Bloomington sampler CD in 1997. At that time it was with Dave Bruker on bass, Peter Kienle on guitar and Danny Deckard on drums. Why it took us until spring of 1999 to actually start playing out is a mystery (although some say it’s because there are not that many places which let middle aged, married guys, who can’t sing, play.)

In June 1999 Dave Bruker moved to Florida and Jack Helsley took over the bass. To this day though we keep playing many of Dave’s very original originals.

So we played a whole series of gigs from May ‘99 to December ‘99 mostly at the Cellar Lounge in Bloomington. Sometimes we had a good sized crowd, all the time people loved us.

Most of these gigs have been recorded and some tracks can be downloaded from this website as mp3's