Paul Surowiak Files

Paul Surowiak, drummer, master comedian, and important ingredient to BeebleBrox – here hanging out with one of his favourite bands: Weather Report.

Boldly taking the place of original drummer Peter Erskine, he recorded the legendary but never released 8:59 album with the band. However, even though his playing didn’t give him away as an imposter, his disguises soon did. The last picture below was taken shortly before Zawinul uncovered the ‘real Paul’. Of course, Paul looking more like Pete Townshend than Peter Erskine didn’t help.

Consequently, the recordings were never released and are supposedly still locked away in a vault at the record company. Rumors claim that they are being remastered and will be released later in the year as ‘The Lost Fifth Beat Sessions’.

Sadly, today Paul plays drums for BeebleBrox and is a real show-(and rehearsal) stopper when he does his ‘Impressions of famous Drummers, an edutainment programme for young and old; including 251 dampening techniques for the triangle, an illustrated guide’