BeebleBrox Tree of Life

Some History

 In 1983 we started playing our own tunes in a thrown together band in Albstadt, Germany. We needed a band name for our first gig - everybody in the band had just read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. We agreed that we wanted our name related with that book: 'BeebleBrox Spectacular' was born.

 In 1986 Monika joined the band. For reasons not remembered the band was renamed 'Bubble Gun'. In 1988 that band broke up when Peter and Monika moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. Shortly after arrival a brand new version of BeebleBrox was born with Robert Dickson on bass, Woody Williams on drums and Greg Riley on sax. Two years later, after many personnel switches, with Robert Dickson on bass and Don Davis on drums we recorded the first album: Entropy. Regrettably, there are only about two original tape copies left (it is available for the die-hard fans on CD-R). It was a very adventureous album with 30 minute long tunes and many odd meters (no vocals, though). Entropy was recorded in drummer Don Davis' bedroom in Birmingham, AL, on our Yamaha four track cassette recorder.

  1991 saw the release of The Thing. Still the same band in Alabama. That was recorded in our living room in Tuscaloosa live to DAT. It really wasn't a great hit although it contains a few cool tunes that will probably pop up in future BeebleBrox shows.

 Later in 1991 we moved to Bloomington, IN, so Monika could pursue her academic career. BeebleBrox got reformed once again, this time with bassist Jonathan Paul and drummer Dan Vonnegut. In 1992 we recorded Bloomingtoon in Dan's basement. For lack of funds we used the old four track cassette, but people in the business say it sounds great and the tape is now in it's third printing.

 When Jonathan Paul left Bloomington we again got pressed for a bass player. But in 1994 after many gigs with lots of different people in the band we recorded Raw Material. This album brings together many of the musicians that have played with BeebleBrox in Indiana. We are through the first pressing on Raw Material - although we won't tell you how many discs and tapes were made and how many were given away to press and radio people all around the world.

 Just after Raw Material was in the can, bassist Jack Helsley moved to Bloomington. All of a sudden there was a real band. Even drummer Dan came back. Together with Russ May on percussion we actually rehearsed every week and played loads of gigs. Finally in April that year (1995) we recorded again. This time at a friend's studio. For the recording sax/EWI player Tom Clark joined the band. After Russ moved to Brazil Tom became a full-time member of BeebleBrox. The next album was called Quantumn Tweezers and was released in March 1996. We received some nice reviews for Quantumn Tweezers (check out the Jazz Times December 1996 issue).

 In May 1997 we released Indianapolis Intergalactic Spaceport. This again featured two different drummers (Paul Surowiak and Pete Wilhoit) and three bass players (Danny Kiely, Jack Helsley and Paul Sturm). Around the same time we took the band on a three week tour of Germany.

 Dominant Domain was recorded in 1998 and had a few nice reviews, among others one in JazzTimes. It features tenorsax great Bob Berg on three tracks.

 The latest release came out in 2002 and features all live tracks recorded in May 2001. It's called RealBrox.